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Your Daily Horoscope for September 13 , 2017

While nearly everyone else is likely to be making the most of the planetary activity your inquisitive mood will mean that you’re more in the frame of mind for some involved discussions and deep and meaningful conversations. Share a few involved hours with a like-minded friend!   

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Love: Taurus   Friendship: Leo

Your Lucky Numbers for today:
9, 13, 21, 25, 32, 49

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3 stars
3 stars
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This week's Moon Phase & planetary positions:
Last Quarter
About Today: September 13 , 2017
  Celebrities born on: September 13
Jacqueline Bisset, Peter Cetera, Fiona Apple, Ben Savage, Michael Johnson, Jean Smart, Nell Carter, Fred Silverman, Mel Torme, Scott Vickaryous  
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Celebrity Astro Gossip:
Elle Fanning is expected to be a major Hollywood figure for years to come, but according to the planets her fortunes are about to dip significantly in the next few months!

For those of us born on: September 13
Happy Birthday! The months ahead will see you becoming a bit of a leader, whether that’s at school or in the workplace. However it might be that you will overdo it at times because you will be accident prone at times. However, it’s likely that you will make an important career decision and it will be one that you are happy with. Any minor hurdles in romantic matters will be cleared as long as you’re willing to recognize your responsibility. There is the possibility of a major upheaval in the later months of the year probably related to a home move or travel plans, but patience will be the key to success at this time.

Today's Health & Diet Tip:
Exercise and good nutrition also nourish the mind and
spirit, reduce stress, bolster your confidence, and make
you feel more alive.

Today's Stress Buster:
If life feels directionless and unsatisfying try this
trick: Write down on everything you like and enjoy on
pieces of card and create a priority list!

Today's Meditation:
A misty morning does not signify a cloudy day.
-- Ancient Proverb

Today's Wisdom from around the World:
A lean agreement is better than a fat lawsuit.
German Proverb

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