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Chinese Horoscopes Calendar and Children
Year 2006 of the Dog

Natural Trait

Any lucky parent who has a baby this year will be assured of a little one who will always see mom and dad as incredibly precious. Children born under the sign of the Dog will have some special side to their nature which will surface even when they are very young so look out for your infant singing in their cot or making amazing structures with their play blocks!

The Dog baby can be a little tearful when left alone for too long so its important that they get plenty of hugs and cuddles. They love to listen even before the can properly understand as the sound of your voice has a special comforting power for them.

Overview of this year 2006 zodiac

Your Dog child will either be new born or turning twelve this year. Both ages can be a trial as for the baby everything is new and for a twelve year old becoming a teenager it can seem that everything is new for them too. However, this is a surprisingly calm year and your child will adjust to any changes with great aplomb. They may need a little encouragement, but being Dogs a simple smile of approval is usually enough to keep them full of the joys of Spring.

The Dog baby boy can be a mischievous fellow and they will certainly keep you on your toes as they seem to find a way to be into everything and anything. However, he has an independent streak and you will be surprised how happily he can amuse himself if you allow him to have a certain amount of protected space.

Your baby girl is one of the cutest infants on the block. She seems to have a natural ability for smiling just at the right time, which usually means lots of sweets and appreciative coos from passers by. However, she can be a demanding little soul and will make sure that she expresses her disappointment when necessary, a refused bottle or rejected pacifier can make a wonderful training tool to keep parents in line!

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Career (Growth and development?)
Your Dog baby will grow exceptionally quickly in their first year so be ready to buy plenty of outfits as the months progress. Their naturally inquisitive minds and love of play mean that their communication skills will be impressive even before they reach their first birthday.

Dogs are known for their loyalty, but they are also one of the luckier signs in the Chinese zodiac. It seems that all their relatives want to make them a little  gift, so you can start that college fund now! On the other hand if they have siblings you may find yourself refereeing a few tussles over which teddy belongs to who.

Dogs are not the most adventurous sign as they like surroundings that are familiar to them. When you take baby of their first car trip it would be a good idea for someone to sit in the back with them and make sure that they have plenty of reassuring cuddly toys. Once they feel at home on the move you will find it difficult to keep them out of the car!

Like their animal counterparts Dogs excel at bonding with their family. There is nothing quite like the broad beaming smile of a baby. Once your new born has mastered the arts of drinking, sleeping and putting their toes on their chin, they will spend a lot of time making sure you know that they love you. Be prepared for an absolute smile –fest to make your heart melt!

What to avoid in 2006:

-         Tears before bedtime

-         Tantrums in the supermarket

-         Pride (trying to change their own diapers)

-         Trying to keep an old tissue as a comfort blanket

-         Only sleeping when in Mom’s bed

What to hold on to in 2006:

-         Mom and Dad

-         Your favorite teething soother

-         Your right to candy and ice-cream

-         Your favorite teddy

The Dog year is concerned with loyalty and the protection of the weakest. That makes it an ideal year for children everywhere. Of course it can also mean that as a parent you have to stand firm when some of your boundaries are enthusiastically tested. In general you can expect a lot of fun in a dog year as it lends itself to excited activity, sport and the occasional practical joke.

With all this vigorous outdoors energy in the air you should expect your children to get more than their usual number of scrapes this year. From time to time what starts out as friendly fun may become just a little too heated so be ready to sort out any scuffles as calmly as possible. Thanks to the impact of the Dog energy in your child’s world their love of boisterousness will only by matched by their desire for approval. This should mean that with some careful planning and a clear system of rewards and rebukes your own little puppies should be surprisingly manageable as the year progresses.

Best Year For: Rabbits, Dogs

Great Year: Tigers, Horses

Good Year: Pigs, Snakes

Mixed Year: Goats, Monkeys, Oxen, Rats

Difficult Year: Roosters, Dragons

The hidden element in the yearly Dog branch is Earth. Bing Xu (Yang Fire) is the 23rd year in the stem/branch cycle of 60. The Earth of the Dog year branch combining with the Fire element stem of 2006 will be very good financially, as Earth supports Fire and therefore enables wealth. In other words your children will continue to grow at a scary rate needing an endless supply of new clothes (Fire), but thankfully your bank balance should just about be able to keep pace (Earth).

The Charming RAT 'Tze'   
  1900 Jan 31 to Feb 18, 1901: Metal Rat   1912 Feb 18 to Feb 5, 1913: Water Rat   
  1924 Feb 5 to Jan 24, 1925: Wood Rat   1936 Jan 24 to Feb 10, 1937: Fire Rat   
  1948 Feb 10 to Jan 28, 1949: Earth Rat   1960 Jan 28 to Feb 14, 1961: Metal Rat   
  1972 Feb 15 to Feb 2, 1973: Water Rat   1984 Feb 2 to Feb 19, 1985: Wood Rat   
  1996 Feb 19 to Feb 6, 1997: Fire Rat   2008 Feb 7 to Jan 25, 2009: Earth Rat  
If your child is a Rat then they will be an excitable Fire Rat and will be even more active than usual in 2006. They will begin to find a whole host of new interests, which will of course require new equipment and will lead to yet more friends who need to stay over. This year will see some emotionally trying times your little one as they begin to grapple with their very first childhood crush. However, your inquisitive child will also begin to settle down as the year progresses with a surprising level of focus on one particular interest. JAN will see your little bundle of energy throwing themselves whole heartedly into some creative project that will need lots of parental involvement, and control! FEB is a great time for getting them interested in a new sport so you can restore some sense of sanity amongst the results of their creative burst in January.

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The Stable OX ' Chou'   
  1901 Feb 19 to Feb 7, 1902: Metal Ox   1913 Feb 6 to Jan 25, 1914: Water Ox   
  1925 Jan 25 to Feb 12, 1926: Wood Ox   1937 Feb 11 to Jan 30, 1938: Fire Ox   
  1949 Jan 29 to Feb 16, 1950: Earth Ox   1961 Feb 15 to Feb 4, 1962: Metal Ox   
  1973 Feb 3 to Jan 22, 1974: Water Ox   1985 Feb 20 to Feb 8, 1986: Wood Ox   
  1997 Feb 7 to Jan 27, 1998: Fire Ox   2009 Jan 26 to Feb 13, 2010: Earth Ox  

The very beginning of 2006 will see the young Ox losing some of their stubborn habits as they begin to discover that homework can actually be fun and rewarding. They are also likely to find a new group of friends to play with who will bring a lot of joy into their life. As JAN progresses you may need to have serious talk with the Ox child in order to keep their new found popularity suitably in check as they decide that having friends means not having to tidy your room. FEB's energies suggest the possibility of house move or some major decoration. Ox does not like change and so you may need to break any new arrangements gently. Luckily the Ox is a sucker for candy and so keeping them smiling should not be too difficult.

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The Courageous TIGER 'Yin'   
  1902 Feb 8 to Jan 28, 1903: Water Tiger   1914 Jan 26 to Feb 13, 1915: Wood Tiger   
  1926 Feb 13 to Feb 1, 1927: Fire Tiger   1938 Jan 31 to Feb 18, 1939: Earth Tiger   
  1950 Feb 17 to Feb 5, 1951: Metal Tiger   1962 Feb 5 to Jan 24, 1963: Water Tiger   
  1974 Jan 23 to Feb 10, 1975: Wood Tiger   1986 Feb 9 to Jan 28, 1987: Fire Tiger   
  1998 Jan 28 to Feb 15, 1999: Earth Tiger   2010 Feb 14 to Feb 2, 2011: Metal Tiger

2006 will be a wonderful year for your Tiger youngster. It is likely that they have been under the weather in the last few months with the usual collection of illnesses that they have gained from school friends. This year will see your Tiger full of bounce and health. JAN may see your little one unusually reluctant to return to school and they may show more interest in playing in the yard than doing their reading. If you are patient they will soon get back into the swing of things. FEB will be a very special month for your child as all the energies point to a major achievement of some kind. If there is a school play or little league tournament on the horizon you can expect them to play a leading role.

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The Discreet RABBIT (Vietnamese: CAT) 'Mao'
  1915 Feb 14 to Feb 2, 1916: Wood Rabbit   1903 Jan 29 to Feb 15, 1904: Water Rabbit   
  1927 Feb 2 to Jan 22, 1928: Fire Rabbit   1939 Feb 19 to Feb 7, 1940: Earth Rabbit   
  1951 Feb 6 to Jan 26, 1952: Metal Rabbit   1963 Jan 25 to Feb 12, 1964: Water Rabbit   
  1975 Feb 11 to Jan 30, 1976: Wood Rabbit   1987 Jan 29 to Feb 16, 1988: Fire Rabbit   
  1999 Feb 16 to Feb 4, 2000: Earth Rabbit   2011 Feb 3 to Jan 22, 2012: Metal Rabbit  

If your youngster was born in a Rabbit year then this is likely to be their first year of proper full time schooling. This is a very nervous time for little bunnies and they will need a lot of support and hugs to keep them smiling through the first few weeks. Make sure that you spend plenty of quality time with your young rabbit and you will begin to see their self confidence blossom. After JAN the rabbit will begin to enjoy sharing their experiences of school with you and will show a real flair for learning. FEB will see another big leap forward in the rabbit’s development as they start making lots of new friends. Get ready for lots of children’s parties as the invitations begin to come in thick and fast!

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  The Outspoken DRAGON 'Chen'
  1904 Feb 16 to Feb 3, 1905: Wood Dragon   1916 Feb 3 to Jan 22, 1917: Fire Dragon   
  1928 Jan 23 to Feb 9, 1929: Earth Dragon   1940 Feb 8 to Jan 26, 1941: Metal Dragon   
  1952 Jan 27 to Feb 13, 1953: Water Dragon   1964 Feb 13 to Feb 1, 1965: Wood Dragon     1976 Jan 31 to Feb 17, 1977: Fire Dragon   1988 Feb 17 to Feb 5, 1989: Earth Dragon   
  2000 Feb 5 to Jan 23, 2001: Metal Dragon   2012 Jan 23 to Feb 9, 2013: Water Dragon

Dragons are powerful characters with an awareness of their own feelings and views from a surprisingly early age. Your Dragon child will greatly enjoy this year as they begin to be able to express themselves much more fully. It would be an ideal time to enroll them in an infant drama or dance club, as this will also help the outspoken dragon learn to interact happily with others. If you have been looking at possible schools for your Dragon youngster JAN should be an ideal time to make that final selection. You may find that little dragons are easily bored in FEB so try and find some new activities to keep their active minds busy. However, when MARCH arrives there will be some exciting news for your little one that will drive away any thoughts of boredom at all.

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  The Philosophical SNAKE 'Si'
  1905 Feb 4 to Jan 24, 1906: Wood Snake   1917 Jan 23 to Feb 10, 1918: Fire Snake   
  1929 Feb 10 to Jan 29, 1930: Earth Snake   1941 Jan 27 to Feb 14, 1942: Metal Snake   
  1953 Feb 14 to Feb 2, 1954: Water Snake   1965 Feb 2 to Jan 20, 1966: Wood Snake   
  1977 Feb 18 to Feb 6, 1978: Fire Snake   1989 Feb 6 to Jan 26, 1990: Earth Snake   
  2001 Jan 24 to Feb 11, 2002: Metal Snake   2013 Feb 10 to Jan 30, 2014: Water Snake  

It’s likely to be a very successful year for all little snakes. While the other toddlers were noisily exploring the world around them your little snake probably had a tendency to watch quietly from the sidelines. This year is when the thoughtful snake begins to show the fruits of their careful observations. Don’t be surprised if your little one starts to take charge more in their play group or with their friends as they try out their infant understanding of relationships. In JAN you may find yourself impressed with their new found dedication to learning to read and even some early attempts at writing. Remember this in FEB when their enthusiasm may wane temporarily. The snake is the most patient of the signs and is best parented with that same quiet certainty that your little one displays to the world.

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The Talkative HORSE 'Wu'
  1906 Jan 25 to Feb 12, 1907 : Fire Horse   1918 Feb 11 to Jan 31, 1919 : Earth Horse   
  1930 Jan 30 to Feb 16, 1931 : Metal Horse   1942 Feb 15 to Feb 4, 1943 : Water Horse   
  1954 Feb 3 to Jan 23, 1955 : Wood Horse   1966 Jan 21 to Feb 8, 1967 : Fire Horse   
  1978 Feb 7 to Jan 27, 1979: Earth Horse   1990 Jan 27 to Feb 14, 1991: Metal Horse   
  2002 Feb 12 to Jan 31, 2003: Water Horse   2014 Jan 31 to Feb 18, 2015: Wood Horse  

All experienced parents will gladly tell you all about the debatable joys of dealing with a young toddler of three to four years old. They are at that difficult stage when they know what they want, but can’t quite properly express it and so purple faced tantrums are often the order of the day. In JAN this natural aspect of life with a toddler is ratcheted up by the surrounding energies. You may find it helpful to use a baby minder when doing the weekly shop to avoid the inevitable stand off at the candy aisle! In FEB you should be in for a treat as the little Horses will have worn themselves and will be happy to simply let you take the lead in the day’s activities. When MARCH comes around the little darlings will have a renewed burst of energy combined with a sudden increase in their curiosity about absolutely everything. This is a month that will be ruled by the question ‘why’ almost from the time they wake up to when they finally succumb to sleep!

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The Artistic GOAT 'Wei'
  1907 Feb 13 to Feb 1, 1908 : Fire Goat   1919 Feb 1 to Feb 19, 1920 : Earth Goat   
  1931 Feb 17 to Feb 5, 1932 : Metal Goat   1943 Feb 5 to Jan 24, 1944 : Water Goat   
  1955 Jan 24 to Feb 11, 1956 : Wood Goat   1967 Feb 9 to Jan 29, 1968 : Fire Goat   
  1979 Jan 28 to Feb 15, 1980 : Earth Goat   1991 Feb 15 to Feb 3, 1992 : Metal Goat   
  2003 Feb 1 to Jan 21, 2004: Water Goat   2015 Feb 19 to Feb 7, 2016: Wood Goat  

2006 will be a peaceful period for you as a lucky parent of one of the quietest babies in the whole animal zodiac. As an instinctively creative type the goat baby will spend hours entranced by the bright colors of their building blocks or patterns of the letters on their wall hangings. In JAN they may be a little restless as the new skills of running open up a world of new possibilities, try getting them a animal design walker and they will be as happy as could be as well as slowing down a little! The Tiger energy in FEB may see a few grizzles as the goat infant begins to relaise the limits of their play pen. However, MARCH is a great month to introduce them to other toddlers as they will be keen to make friends and to show off their wonderful ability to share and play nicely.

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The Entertaining MONKEY 'Shen'
  1908 Feb 2 to Jan 21, 1909: Earth Monkey   1920 Feb 20 to Feb 7, 1921 : Metal Monkey   
  1932 Feb 6 to Jan 25, 1933: Water Monkey   1944 Jan 25 to Feb 12, 1945 : Wood Monkey   
  1956 Feb 12 to Jan 30, 1957: Fire Monkey   1968 Jan 30 to Feb 16, 1969 : Earth Monkey   
  1980 Feb 16 to Feb 4, 1981: Metal Monkey   1992 Feb 4 to Jan 22, 1993 : Water Monkey   
  2004 Jan 22 to Feb 8, 2005: Wood Monkey   2016 Feb 8 to Jan 27, 2017: Fire Monkey  
If you are a new parent with a baby coming up to their second birthday then you are in for a treat as your little monkey will begin to develop surprising fluent language skills. They even seem to appreciate the jokes that you share with friends and your partner. If on the other hand you have a monkey teenager then you may need to be on the look out for a serious sense of humor failure as the older monkey delights in admittedly clever but less than kind jokes at everyone else’s expense. The real problem though is trying not to laugh when telling them off. Whatever your monkey’s age you should expect JAN and FEB to be buy times with lots to organize. Thankfully, the monkey will be there to make you smile even at the busiest of times.

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The Industrious ROOSTER 'You'
1909 Jan 22 to Feb 9, 1910 : Earth Rooster   
1921 Feb 8 to Jan 27, 1922 : Metal Rooster   
1933 Jan 26 to Feb 13, 1934 : Water Rooster   
1945 Feb 13 to Feb 1, 1946 : Wood Rooster   
1957 Jan 31 to Feb 17, 1958 : Fire Rooster   1969 Feb 17 to Feb 5, 1970 : Earth Rooster   
1981 Feb 5 to Jan 24, 1982 : Metal Rooster   1993 Jan 23 to Feb 9, 1994 : Water Rooster   
2005 Feb 9 to Jan 28, 2006: Wood Rooster   2017 Jan 28 to Feb 15, 2018: Fire Rooster  
Dealing with a new baby is always a tough time, and as your rooster child approaches their first birthday you need to be prepared for some busy days and hectic nights. The rooster baby takes after its name sake in many ways, not least the fact that the rooster is always up at the crack of dawn. However, some simple organization can make your life a whole lot easier. In JAN  relatives are likely to descend to coo at your little bundle of joy. Make the most of this time as it means a steady stream of willing and reliable baby minders while you catch up on some much needed sleep. In FEB you may feel a little exhausted as the rooster baby has a growing spurt meaning more feeding times and new chest of baby clothes. However, MARCH is ideal for beginning to plan a move to a more spacious home that will be ideal as the little one begins to grow up.

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The Observant DOG 'Xu'
  1910 Feb 10 to Jan 29, 1911 : Metal Dog   1922 Jan 28 to Feb 15, 1923 : Water Dog   
  1934 Feb 14 to Feb 3, 1935 : Wood Dog   1946 Feb 2 to Jan 21, 1947 : Fire Dog   
  1958 Feb 18 to Feb 7, 1959 : Earth Dog   1970 Feb 6 to Jan 26, 1971 : Metal Dog   
  1982 Jan 25 to Feb 12, 1983 : Water Dog   1994 Feb 10 to Jan 30, 1995 : Wood Dog   
  2006 Jan 29 to Feb 3, 2007: Fire Dog   2018 Feb 16 to Feb 4, 2019: Earth Dog  
2006 will be both an exciting and satisfying year for you as a parent whether you are waiting to bring a new born puppy into the world or you have a dog child about to become a dog teenager. Your new born dog will be a wonderful bundle of smiles who seems to know how to smile from the moment they open their eyes. Your nearly teenaged dog child will also enter a period of new appreciation of their Mom and Dad which you should really enjoy while it lasts. Whether preparing the nursery or organizing high school JAN will be a busy month. However, FEB will bring joy in abundance. It might be the actual birth of your new family member or the first time you feel a kick or it may even be your older dog saying thanks for all the time you have devoted to them over the years. Whatever the cause this is destined to be an extraordinarily cheerful month for you.

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The Honest PIG 'Hai'

  1911 Jan 30 to Feb 17, 1912 : Metal Pig   1923 Feb 16 to Feb 4, 1924 : Water Pig   
  1935 Feb 4 to Jan 23, 1936 : Wood Pig   1947 Jan 22 to Feb 9, 1948 : Fire Pig   
  1959 Feb 8 to Jan 27, 1960 : Earth Pig   1971 Jan 27 to Jan 15, 1972 : Metal Pig   
  1983 Feb 13 to Feb 1, 1984 : Water Pig   1995 Jan 31 to Feb 18, 1996 : Wood Pig   
  2007 Feb 18 to Feb 6, 2008: Fire Pig   2019 Feb 5 to Jan 24, 2020: Earth Pig

Despite the western view of pigs, in Chinese astrology the Pig is a wonderfully positive sign. If you have a child born under the sign of the Pig you will experience this very early on in the year. If you have been down or concerned about some family issues, your child will be there to offer a smile and a hug which somehow makes everything seem easier to deal with. In JAN there is an opportunity for a school trip and this could be a major learning event for your little one. They will not only find a new exciting hobby, but will learn something about themselves too. This positive energy continues right through into MARCH when your youngster will be bursting with excitement about some new activity that they absolutely have to get involved in. If you support their enthusiasm and new interests you will find that you are rewarded at least threefold. Not only will they be grateful, it will provide a real outlet for their talents and will make them realize just how special you know they are!

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